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Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

Hip harbor on the way to Heping Island Park

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

Built by the Japanese during the colonial era in 1934, the Zhengbin Fishing Harbor (正濱漁港) was once the biggest fishing port on the island. No longer the bustling center of its past, the pace of life is noticeably slower in this corner of the city. Perhaps Keelung’s most iconic Instagram location, Zhengbin Fishing Harbor is popular among locals and tourists alike. Here you will meet a row of flamboyantly multi-colored buildings just waiting to be photographed. If driving by, blink and you might miss them. 

While most well-known for its photogenic view, the harbor’s location is also noteworthy. Situated just south of Heping Island, it makes a great stop en route to another Keelung favorite, Heping Island Park. The historic Sheliao East Fort can also be found at Heping Island and is worth a visit on the way. Conveniently located just a five minute walk away from the harbor is the Keelung City Indigenous Cultural Hall, an ethnographic museum featuring exhibits about Taiwan’s aboriginal tribes. While you’re in the neighborhood, it’s also recommended to stop at another popular photography spot, the abandoned Agenna Shipyard Relics. 

Zhengbin Fishing Harbor
View from the northern side of the harbor

For those who are looking to wile away an afternoon, there are several cafes and restaurants at the harbor. Located opposite the colored buildings or inside them, you can have a choice of views. Keep in mind that entrances to the colored buildings are accessible from the street. If you just need a quick snack, there is a well-known fish cake seller at the harbor who comes highly recommended. At NT$20 for one skewer, it’s hard to go wrong!

How to get there

There are several buses you can take from downtown Keelung. The 101 from Zhongyi Rd. Xiaoyi Rd. Intersection, just outside Maritime Plaza, takes you to Zhengbin Rd. Intersection, near to the harbour. Alternatively, visitors could take the 791 from Keelung City Bus Government to Zhongzheng Rd & Zhengbin Rd Intersection. Buses don’t run too frequently, so be prepared. Alternatively, take a taxi for about a 15 minute ride and $150 NTD fare.

Written by Corissa Peterson

Corissa is a freelance writer and contributor at Taiwanna Travel. She also runs her own blog Coco in Taiwan, where she writes about life on the island. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has a special affinity for this part of the world and a penchant for travel. For more of her work, visit her blog, or see what she’s up to on Instagram @corissa_joy.

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