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Taiwan Railways Northeast Day Pass

Taiwan Railways Northeast Day Pass

The Northeast Day Pass gives travelers unlimited use of local trains with Taiwan Railways between Ruifang and Toucheng stations on one calendar day. Tourist attractions along the way include Jiufen, Fulong Beach and Old Caoling Tunnel, plus users can also access the Pingxi Line. It can make for a convenient way to explore the mountainous region between Keelung and Yilan cities.

What does it cost?


How do I use it?

When you purchase the ticket, make sure you are clear what day you want to use it, as this is stamped on the day pass. You can then just show your pass to a ticket attendant when you enter any station on the line. Use of local trains, or commuter cars, and Fu-Hsing Semi Express trains is included, but if you want to use faster trains, such as Express trains, you’ll need to pay a surcharge to the conductor on the train.

Departure stations can be outside the line between Ruifang and Toucheng, such as from Taipei, but check with station staff for any extra fees that may be required.

Is it worth it?

The one way journey from between Ruifang to Toucheng costs NT$70, which means you’ll need to use the trains in the area at least a few times to get your money’s worth. It could alternatively make for a great return trip from major spots such as Yilan or Taipei, saving a little bit of money if you avoid too many Express train surcharges. If you also included the Pingxi Line and don’t take too many rest stops, you could definitely pack in lots in one day and be able to use the pass extensively.

The distances aren’t far between Ruifang and Toucheng, and the journey can be done in about an hour on local trains. There will usually be one or two such trains every hour. This means you probably won’t need to use Express trains apart from if you start from further afield, such as Taipei, so bear this in mind when considering the pass.

If you plan to travel to places outside the pass, consider the main TR Pass, or if you just want to explore the Pingxi Line, there is also a day pass for just that line.

Where can I buy it?

The Northeast Day Pass is available to buy at major stations suchs as Yilan, Luodong, Toucheng, Ruifang, Songshan, Taipei and Banqiao.

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