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Discounted Taiwan High Speed Rail One-Way Ticket

Taiwan High Speed Train

While it is possible to buy tickets for the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) at stations, it’s cheaper for foreign tourists to buy the 20% discounted one-way ticket. The Taiwan High Speed Rail One-Way Ticket can be used for any journey along the THSR line that runs along Taiwan’s west coast. It’s a popular alternative to the Taiwan High Speed Rail Pass.


The special discounted one-way ticket is only valid on:

  • Taiwan High Speed Rail trains: this network spans from Taipei in the north, to near Kaohsiung in the south.
  • Transfer buses: as some of the THSR stations are outside of the city center, ticket holders can use free shuttle buses to take them into the city.

Purchase and exchange

Taiwan High Speed Rail One-Way Ticket

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Discounted Ticket needs to be bought online. It cannot be purchased at THSR stations in Taiwan. You will receive a voucher that has to be exchanged for the actual ticket and reserved seat at the ticket office of any THSR train station. This voucher must be exchanged within 90 days of purchase.

Note that only those on short-term tourist visas or with visa-exempt entry can use these special tickets.

Buy your tickets now at KKday:

How to use the discounted One-Way Ticket?

Entry to the platforms is only via the manned gates, so show your ticket and passport to the attendant to enter or exit. You’ll make your seat reservation when you exchange the voucher for the ticket.

Is the discounted One-Way Ticket worth it?

While it is also possible for tourists to use the Taiwan High Speed Rail Pass, many travelers actually find it cheaper to buy a Taiwan High Speed Rail Discounted Ticket for any journeys on the THSR trains, then just use an IC card such as an EasyCard to get around on local trains. You really need to use the THSR Pass lots each day to really get your money’s worth. The One-Way Ticket also gives you more flexibility in what mode of transport you use for each journey.

Check the links above to find out the prices for One-Way Tickets, our THSR pass page, and the TRA website (if you also want to use the normal trains). With this information you can quickly count up the costs and see what is the best option for your trip.

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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