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Taipei Station Area

Taiwan’s largest station with many interconnected shopping malls

Taipei station hall
The main hall is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists

Located right in the center of Taipei, Taipei Station is the major transportation hub in the capital, with a large variety of options for getting anywhere on the island. The station is a huge complex, so it can seem a bit confusing at first, but English signage is excellent, and there are a host of activities to do before or after your train, including exploring the old downtown area to the south of the station. It’s therefore very convenient for visitors to the city to book a hotel nearby and base their journeys from there.

Luggage lockers are located in various spots, such as in the B1 area towards Beimen Station and in the bus station, with prices usually from NT$10 to NT$20 an hour, depending on the locker size.

Shopping and dining

Taipei station Mister Donut
Mister Donut, near to the Taipei Metro ticket gates

There are many cafes and takeout joints within the station itself, particularly in the Taipei Metro area and in the underground passageways connecting parts of the station. Those looking for cheaper options should check out Front Metro Mall (zone Z) and the Taipei New World Mall (zone K), which feel a bit like traditional street markets, but inside an air-conditioned complex. These underground passageway malls have a large supply of cheap, quick eateries and mom-and-pop stores selling local goods and clothing.

Below are the main shopping and dining spots connected to Taipei Station, such as malls and department stores:


Located on the first and second floor of the main station hall, Breeze houses an endless supply of restaurants. It’s all here, from quick takeaway joints, to snack shops and family favorites such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Hours: 10am to 10pm


The newest shopping mall near Taipei Station, Qsquare is a huge building containing several floors of stores offering tax-free shopping, luxury hotels and the main bus station. There are many eat-in restaurants, as well as big food courts on the lower levels. Major chains, such as Hi Sushi and Mos Burger, are featured, as well as a host of independently run takeaways. Located at exit Y3.

Hours: 8am-11pm. Store opening times vary

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Located outside exit Z4, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is a well-established department store. Similar to Mitsukoshi stores in Japan, it sells a large selection of clothing, cosmetics and luxury goods. Tax-free shopping is available, plus there is a small food court on the basement level.

Hours: 11am to 9:30pm (until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays)

HOYII and Caesar Park Taipei

Menya Musashi Ramen
Delicious, authentic Japanese ramen and tsukemen at Menya Musashi (麵屋武藏) in HOYII

These little underground dining areas on either side of exit M6 feature several Japanese restaurants, such as a few ramen joints and a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant. Prices aren’t as cheap as a night market, but are pretty reasonable considering it’s mostly not local cuisine. There is also a Tim Ho Wan on the top floor, a famous dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong.

Hours: Most restaurants open 11am to 10pm

Access to Taipei Station

Taipei Metro

Taipei Metro station
The Taipei Metro is clean and punctual

Taipei Station is located on the intersection of Taipei Metro’s red and blue lines. These lines connect you directly to popular spots such as Taipei 101 and Tamsui. The nearby Beimen Station, on the green line, connects you to even more tourist destinations, such as Xindian and Raohe Street Night Market. It’s therefore the perfect spot from which to begin your travels.

Taiwan Railways

Taiwan Railways (TRA), the national rail network, runs frequent trains heading to the west and east of Taipei. You can book tickets online or at the ticket machines inside the station.

Taiwan High Speed Railway

Taipei Station is a major stop on the fast and efficient Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR), meaning that all high-speed trains stop here. There are various ways to get tickets, such as discount tickets available online, or at the ticket machines and ticket offices.

Taipei Bus Station

Located below the above mentioned Qsquare shopping mall, Taipei Bus Station offers local city buses as well long-distance coaches to destinations across the island.

From/to airports

It’s easy to travel to the main airports from Taipei Station. To get to Taoyuan International Airport you’ll first need to walk to Beimen Station, which is a several minutes on foot away from the main station area. From Beimen you can then take a train on the Taoyuan Metro (39 minutes , NT$150). Songshan Airport is accessible on the Taipei Metro. First take the blue line to Zhongxiao Fuxing, then head up on the brown line to the Songshan Airport Station (18 minutes, NT$40).

Taipei Station official website:

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