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Taichung Airport (RMQ)

Taichung Airport

Taichung Airport (臺中國際機場), officially known as Taichung International Airport, is the main domestic and international airport for Taichung. While it’s the third major airport in the country, it’s relatively small, though it does have connections to various cities in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

While the airport is quite close to Taichung city on the map, it’s generally recommended for international travelers to arrive at Taoyuan International Airport. As well as a much greater selection of flights and budget airline options, Taoyuan is close to a Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR) station, with high-speed trains that can take you to Taichung in under an hour. Having said that, if you want to avoid the THSR on national holidays, when it can get booked up, using Taichung Airport might be a better option.

How to get from and to the airport

By bus

In the future, the airport is planned to have its own metro station, but until then tourists can take the bus. U-Bus run a dedicated bus service (route 1623) to the airport from the city center in comfy air-conditioned coaches, with a frequent service throughout the week. Tickets need to be pre-booked online at KKday. There are also various local bus services available, but as they can get crowded, don’t have luggage spaces and can take more than an hour to reach the airport from the center, they are not recommended for most travelers.

By rental car

National rental chain CarPlus provides rental cars from their service center in the arrivals hall. Make sure you pre-book your vehicle well in advance, as this is the only car rental company at Taichung Airport.

By taxi

Taichung Airport has a taxi stand outside the airport, near the B1 exit. Fares are metered and based on distance traveled, with prices from around NT$400 to NT$700 depending on where you want to depart from or go to in Taichung. Ignore taxi drivers that approach you for a ride outside this area, as they may not be licenced.

By private transfer

If you don’t speak much Chinese and have a flight booked out of or to Taichung Airport, it might be easier and more stress-free to book a private transfer beforehand. A private transfer is also possible to Moon Lake.

By Taiwan High Speed Railway

The THSR station for Taichung is 40 minutes away via bus route 156. If you are using the Taiwan High Speed Railway though, then it’s probably easier and cheaper to just continue north to Taoyuan and get a flight from Taoyuan Airport or vice versa.


Taichung Airport is pretty limited when it comes to restaurants, shops and other such facilities. Before departures, there is one Taiwanese restaurant, and not much else apart from basic services like a banking and a small kiosk selling snacks and drinks. Those taking international flights will get a better choice after security, with several duty-free shops and a few more choices for food. There is also an indoor playground for children, a small art gallery and internet services if you have time to kill before a flight.

Official links

Airport website for more information on your flight and facilities:

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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