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  • Taipei Botanical Garden

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    Taipei Botanical Garden

    The Taipei Botanical Garden (台北植物園) is an 8 hectare garden in central Taipei that houses a collection of over 2000 species of plants. It was an important site of study […] More

  • Tamsui river bike ride


    Tamsui River bicycle ride

    Cycling along Tamsui River (淡水河) is a rite of passage for many travelers in Taipei and New Taipei. This classic route winds its way up the east side of the […] More

  • Lotus Pond Dragon Kaohsiung


    Lotus Pond

    The Lotus Pond (蓮池潭) is a grand scenic lake in Kaohsiung. Surrounded by an abundance of temples and culturally significant buildings, it’s a beautiful spot to visit any time of […] More

  • Beitou Hot Spring Museum

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    Beitou Hot Spring Museum

    The Beitou Hot Spring Museum (北投溫泉博物館) is a tudor-style building in Beitou that used to house a large public bath during the Japanese colonial times. It now functions as an […] More

  • Sulfur Valley Recreation Area


    Sulfur Valley Recreation Area

    The Sulfur Valley Recreation Area (硫磺谷遊憩區) is a picturesque volcanic landscape in Yangmingshan National Park and an excellent diversion or break spot for those exploring the park. Featuring stone paths […] More

  • Yinhe Cave Temple


    Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail

    The Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail (銀河洞越嶺步道) is a well known hiking trail in New Taipei that leads to Yinhe Cave Temple. A spectacular cave temple built on a mountain cliff, […] More

  • Lengshuikeng Hot Springs

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    Lengshuikeng Hot Springs

    Lengshuikeng Hot Springs (冷水坑溫泉), located in the heart of Yangmingshan National Park, is a free hot spring popular with hikers and day-trippers from Taipei. The temperature of the water is […] More

  • Shamaoshan


    Mount Shamao (Shamaoshan)

    Mount Shamao (紗帽山), also known as Shamaoshan, is an easy hike in Yangmingshan National Park. Possible as a day trip from central Taipei or Beitou, Mount Shamao only goes up […] More

  • Formosa Boulevard Station


    Formosa Boulevard Station

    Consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, Formosa Boulevard Station (美麗島站) is unmissable for any visitor to Kaohsiung. You’ll probably transit via this station, […] More