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Rainbow Village

Super colorful village run by a sweet old grandpa

Inside the Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village (彩虹村) has got to be one of the most Instagrammable places in the whole of Taiwan, with its brightly colored walls and paths. It was founded by Huang Yung-Fu, a former soldier, to save the area from demolition. Local authorities had wanted to clear the area and build over it, so he decided to paint it in rainbow colors, a rather imaginative way to preserve his village. This brought in the crowds of course, so the local authorities luckily decided to cancel their plans.

It has now become a rather quirky tourist experience, and a worthwhile place to visit if coming to Taichung for a day or two, as it’s actually a rather small cluster of old buildings. The colorful paintings of birds, people and animals now bring in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Taichung Rainbow Village

How to get there

Rainbow Village is located near the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Taichung Station. From here, take the number 800 bus (12 minutes, free). Be sure to check that it’s going in the right direction towards the village (most buses have English signs). From central Taichung it’s often easiest to first make your way to the THSR station, such as on the local train from TRA Taichung Station (11 minutes, NT$35) and then take the 800 bus.

Hours and fees

Hours: 8am to 6pm

Admission: Free

Official website:

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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