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Qingan Temple

Visit one of the ‘Three Great Temples’ of Keelung

Qingan Temple

Qingan Temple (慶安宮) is one of Keelung’s oldest and most famous temples, originally built during the Qing Dynasty in 1780 on the west side of Keelung Harbor. In 1815 the temple was relocated to its current location south of the harbor to accommodate the needs of the growing immigrant population in that area.

Locals also refer to the Qingan Temple as ‘Mazu Temple’ (媽祖廟), as it was built for the worship of Mazu, goddess of the sea. Mazu is a widely renowned and worshipped figure in Taiwan, fitting for an island as she is credited with the protection of seafarers. She is especially venerated in coastal cities like Keelung, where the predominant industry has historically been that of fishing. Qingan Temple is the only Mazu Temple where one can worship three regionally different Mazu goddesses, those of Meizhou (梅州), Zhangzhou (漳州) and Quanzhou (泉州), all from Fujian Province, where many of Taiwan’s early immigrants are from.

The temple’s entrance is hard to miss

Each year the Qingan Temple becomes the center of celebrations in honor of the goddess Mazu’s birthday, on the 23rd of the 3rd month in the lunar calendar (falling in April-May), when a grand parade is held. The temple is also a prominent location in the Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival celebrations in the 7th lunar month, host to the dipper lantern parade and ceremonies. It is worth a visit to see the intricately carved wooden lanterns of each of Keelung’s family clans, which are on display in the temple.

How to get there

Qingan Temple is in the heart of downtown Keelung, and easily accessible on foot from main transportation centers. From the bus station, head east on Zhongyi Road (Zhong 1st Road, 忠一路) and then turn south (right) onto Lane 3 of Zhongyi Road (忠一路3巷). The temple is just one street down at Zhonger Road (Zhong 2nd Road, 忠二路). Likewise from the train station, follow Zhongyi Road until turning south onto Lane 3.

Hours and fees

Hours: 6am to 10pm

Admission: Free

Written by Corissa Peterson

Corissa is a freelance writer and contributor at Taiwanna Travel. She also runs her own blog Coco in Taiwan, where she writes about life on the island. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has a special affinity for this part of the world and a penchant for travel. For more of her work, visit her blog, or see what she’s up to on Instagram @corissa_joy.

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