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National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine

Shrine dedicated to fallen soldiers

National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine

The National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine (國民革命忠烈祠) is a grand, wide-open shrine in Taipei dedicated to the almost 400,000 soldiers killed in service for the Republic of China (Taiwan). This includes soldiers who fought in the resistance against Japan during the War of Resistance, as well as during the Chinese Civil War. Built on the hillside to the north of the capital, the shrine was inspired by the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing’s Forbidden City.

National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine inside
The shrine rarely gets that busy

Due to its historical significance, the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine is often visited by Taiwanese and Japanese tour buses or high school student trips. While such a site is certainly not going to get on any top 10 lists of places to visit in the city, the fact it’s a little hidden away means that not many independent travelers come here. It’s a great spot to visit if you’ve already done enough of the major tourist spots and want to see something a little different.

The entrance is easy to notice when passing by on a bicycle or bus

Once you’ve explored around the complex, be sure to hang around for the hourly changing of the guards in front of the main gate. Many people consider this to be the highlight of their visit. Afterwards it might also be worth heading up the nearby Jiantanshan Trail for a view over the shrine and city.

How to get there

The National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine is located between Jiantan Station, on the Taipei Metro’s red line, and Dazhi Station, on the brown line. The easiest way to get to the shrine from one of these would be to rent a YouBike from near either station, then just cycle there (5-6 minutes). If you’d prefer to take the bus, there are some from the stations, such as the 902 bus from Jiantan (20-25 minutes, NT$15) and the Neihu Main Line bus from Dazhi (7 minutes, NT$15).

Hours and fees

Hours: 8am to 5pm

Admission: Free

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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