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Maokong Gondola 1-Day Fun Pass

The Maokong Gondola 1-Day Fun Pass provides unlimited use of the Maokong Gondola for one calendar day. A convenient alternative to an IC card, it should be considered by those that want to use the gondola a lot, such as to go hiking or visit the many tea shops around the mountain top stations.

What does it cost?


How do I use it?

Once you have the pass, all you need to do is use it like a standard EasyCard. Tap the card on the sensor, wait for the beep or arrow to appear, then head through the turnstile at each station. Note that unlike an IC card, this pass cannot have value added to it for use in shops or other methods of transportation. Ths pass does not include transportation from/to Taipei city center.

Riding the gondola on a rather rainy day!

Is it worth it?

One stop tickets cost NT$70, while two stops costs NT$100 and three stops costs NT$120. You’ll therefore need to use the gondola for more than 6 stops to make it worthwhile. Have a look at our Maokong Gondola guide and see if you’ll probably be doing such a trip. It’s also great fun stopping at random stops along the way, exploring the area and its teashops or hiking routes, then continuing on the gondola, so it can make for a really affordable day trip from the capital.

If you want to use the local buses and the Taipei Metro, then the Taipei Fun Pass with added use of gondola for one day might make more sense. At only NT$90 more, it should only take three or four uses of buses or trains to make savings over the Maokong Gondola 1-Day Fun Pass. There are also other more expansive Fun Passes that could make even more sense if you plan to explore other areas in Taipei too.

Where can I buy it?

The Maokong Gondola 1-Day Fun Pass is available for purchase at any Maokong Gondola station.

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