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Houtong Cat Village

Former mining village now famous for its cat population

Houtong Cat Village

Houtong Cat Village (猴硐貓村) is a popular tourist spot in on the Pingxi Line in New Taipei, housing over 100 feline friends. The village is adorned with cat sculptures, galleries and various things for cats to enjoy, such as jumping walls and mini huts for them to relax in. Calm around visitors, tourists come to take photos with the cute cats, or indulge in cat-related activities such as enjoying lunch in a cat cafe.

The area around the station was created to provide a safe place for abandoned cats to live in. Over the years, as the population increased (as well as the number of cat cafes!), and Houtong Cat Village became heavily featured on Instagram and other social networks, fueling tourism to this unique tourist spot. Now cat lovers from across the world come to experience it’s charm.

Cute cats in Houtong

Located near the origin of the Keelung River, Houtong was originally a prosperous mining town during the Japanese colonial era. At its peak, the area produced hundreds of thousands of tonnes of coal every year, but when the coal industry went into decline in the late 90s there was an almost complete exodus of people from the village. Thankfully the presence of the cats has revitalized the area, and there are still some fascinating remnants of the old times, such as abandoned coal mills and bridges. There is therefore enough here to interest history or rail fans, as well as those that want that all important selfie with an adorable cat.

How to get there

Houtong Cat Village is conveniently located around Houtong Station on the Pingxi Line. It’s not far from Ruifang Station (5/6 minutes, NT$15) on the main line from Taipei, with trains every half an hour or so. This journey is covered by the One Day Pass for Pingxi Line.

Hours and fees

Hours: 24 hours

Admission: Free

Official website: New Taipei City Travel

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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  1. I had the chance to visit Houtong Cat Village during my last trip to Taïwan. It’s a really cute place and I loved going there. The train journey there allowed me to see beautiful landscapes as well. Definitely worth it!

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