Here are some of the things you could write about:

  • Tourist spots that you have been to.
  • A ‘how to’ guide on something related to travel in Taiwan.
  • A top ten list, for example ranking places or travel tips on a particular subject.
  • An interesting piece of news related to travel in Taiwan.
  • A long blog post or travel report about your travel experience.

If you are in need of a little inspiration, have a look around the site for ideas, such as on the Taipei destination page.

If you have any questions or are unsure if your idea would work, please feel free to contact us.

Below are some articles we are looking for. If you have experience or knowledge of these topics, please get in touch.

  • Car rental guide
  • Accessible travel guide
  • Muslim travel guide
  • Traveling with children guide
  • A brief history of Taiwan
  • Famous festivals or events
  • Experiences such as river rafting, snorkeling, diving, farming and crafts
  • Short travel guides to attractions across Taiwan