New Taipei City

The stunning entrance that greets you to The Lin Family Mansion and Garden
The stunning entrance that greets you to The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Surrounding Taipei City, somewhere in New Taipei City is usually on a travelers wishlist to Taiwan without them knowing it’s not actually in the capital. It doesn’t take long to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, from hiking up peaceful mountains to places like Yinhe Cave Temple to chilling out besides the sea in Tamsui. If you’re a bit confused by the geography, be sure to use the map below.

North of Taipei

Most famous for the Tamsui area, as well as around the northern coast.

South of Taipei

Host to excellent hiking opportunities and down-to-earth towns.

West of Taipei

There are a few interesting day trips here, many of which mainly only domestic tourists seem to know about.

Getting there

The city also has its own metro system, with several new lines under construction or in development. This network connects to or continues from lines of the Taipei Metro, so it’s relatively cheap and easy to get to most places. Tourist spots are very spread out around the capital, so click the links above to find the information on how to get to each specific tourist spot.

Most people will fly here via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which is Taipei’s main airport, then take the metro from there. The city also has a Taiwan High Speed Rail station, Banqiao Station, which is the first one south of Taipei.

Map of the area

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