Inside Miaoli Hakka Round House
Inside Miaoli Hakka Round House

With its convenient transportation and mild climate, Miaoli is a very pleasant place to visit in Taiwan. Rich in both Hakka culture and nature, it’s also generally a quieter county to visit than ones such as Taichung or Taipei.

Things to do

How to get there

By Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

The THSR line’s Miaoli Station has one or two services an hour from places like Taipei (46 minutes, NT$430) and Taichung (17 minutes, NT$270). To get to the normal TRA Miaoli station in the city center, take a local train from nearby Fengfu Station to Miaoli Station (4 minutes, NT$15).

By Taiwan Railways (TRA)

Miaoli Station is a stop on some Limited Express trains. There are usually one or two services an hour from places like Taipei (1 hour and 20 minutes, NT$255) and Taichung (37 minutes, NT$120). Local trains are also quite frequent and quite a bit cheaper.

By highway bus

Highway buses are often a lot cheaper than the THSR, but not that much better than Taiwan Railways. There are daily departures from many cities, with buses from Taipei costing around NT$210.

By air

Miaoli Station on the Taiwan High Speed Rail is a few stops from Taoyuan Station (23 minutes, NT$280), which itself is near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on the Taoyuan Metro (17 minutes, NT$20).