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  • Raohe Street Night Market

    Raohe Street Night Market

    Diverse night market with many specialities

    The Raohe Street Night Market (饒河街觀光夜市) is one of Taipei’s most famous night markets. Full of all kinds of tasty treats and traditional Taiwanese cuisine, it has all the rough […] More

  • Tamsui Old Street

    Tamsui Old Street

    Check out Tamsui’s vibrant markets and traditional foods

    Tamsui Old Street (淡水老街) is a famous shopping street in the Tamsui district of New Taipei, full of traditional restaurants, pastry shops and old-fashioned grocery stores. It’s often busy with […] More

  • Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung

    Liuhe Night Market

    Exciting night market in the city center

    Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市) is Kaohsiung’s oldest, most popular night market. It’s not to be missed, especially as it’s so close to Formosa Boulevard Station, another must see in its […] More

  • Heading around Zhongxiao Road Night Market


    Zhongxiao Road Night Market

    One of Taichung’s largest night markets

    Zhongxiao Road Night Market (忠孝路觀光夜市) is a popular night market in Taichung, best know for it’s delicious, yet cheap, food stalls. Lots is on offer here, from oyster vermicelli, to […] More