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  • Shifen Waterfall

    Shifen Waterfall

    The Pingxi Line’s most popular nature spot

    Shifen Waterfall (十分大瀑布) is the most popular waterfall for foreign visitors on the Pingxi Line in New Taipei. Towering in at around 20 meters tall, it’s also Taiwan’s broadest waterfall […] More

  • Lingjiao Waterfall

    Lingjiao Waterfall

    Spectacular waterfall near Lingjiao Station

    Lingjiao Waterfall (嶺脚瀑布) is an impressive waterfall on the Pingxi Line in New Taipei. With its cool, calm water, the pool below is a popular spot to take a soak […] More

  • Wanggu Waterfall

    Wanggu Waterfall via the Mount Lingjiaoliao Trail

    Excellent hike away from all the crowds

    The Mount Lingjiaoliao Hiking Trail (嶺腳寮山步道) to Wanggu Waterfall (望古瀑布) is a peaceful hike on the Pingxi Line in New Taipei. As you hike up and down the paths, you’ll […] More

  • Taipei Botanical Garden

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    Taipei Botanical Garden

    Taipei’s relatively unknown botanical paradise

    The Taipei Botanical Garden (台北植物園) is an 8 hectare garden in central Taipei that houses a collection of over 2000 species of plants. It was an important site of study […] More

  • Sulfur Valley Recreation Area

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    Sulfur Valley Recreation Area

    Huge volcanic landscape that makes for a light hike

    The Sulfur Valley Recreation Area (硫磺谷遊憩區) is a picturesque volcanic landscape in Yangmingshan National Park and an excellent diversion or break spot for those exploring the park. Featuring stone paths […] More

  • Qingshui Corridor near the Hakka Round House

    Qingshui Corridor

    Take a nature stroll near THSR Miaoli station

    The Qingshui Corridor (北勢溪親水廊道) is a peaceful stream near the Taiwan High Speed Rail station in Miaoli. Starting from near the famous Hakka Round House, it zigzags it’s way through […] More

  • Yinhe Cave Temple


    Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail

    Easy hike that can be extended to Maokong Gondola

    The Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail (銀河洞越嶺步道) is a well known hiking trail in New Taipei that leads to Yinhe Cave Temple. A spectacular cave temple built on a mountain cliff, […] More

  • Shamaoshan


    Mount Shamao (Shamaoshan)

    Excellent hike away from the crowds

    Mount Shamao (紗帽山), also known as Shamaoshan, is an easy hike in Yangmingshan National Park. Possible as a day trip from central Taipei or Beitou, Mount Shamao only goes up […] More

  • Tianliao Moon World


    Tianliao Moon World

    Slightly eerie yet rather interesting badlands

    Tianliao Moon World (田寮月世界), also known as the Moon World Landscape Park, is an area of badlands in the Kaohsiung area. It is also close to central Tainan. The park […] More

  • Qixing Mountain


    Qixing Mountain (Qixingshan)

    Classic hike in Yangmingshan

    Qixing Mountain (七星山), also known as Qixingshan, is Yangmingshan’s tallest mountain, rising to a height of 1,120 meters. A popular hike, done as a day trip from Taipei, the summit […] More