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  • Keelong River bicycle ride


    Keelong River bicycle ride past Songshan

    Pleasant bicycle ride in the city center

    Keelong River (基隆河) is the main river that runs through the north of central Taipei, all the way to the city of Keelong. This fun cycling route from Songshan to […] More

  • Tamsui river bike ride


    Tamsui River bicycle ride

    Excellent bicycle ride that shows off Taipei’s abundant nature

    Cycling along Tamsui River (淡水河) is a rite of passage for many travelers in Taipei and New Taipei. This classic route winds its way up the east side of the […] More

  • Taking your bike down the Tanya Shen Green Bikeway


    Tanya Shen Green Bikeway

    Quiet bicycle ride unknown to most travelers

    The Tanya Shen Green Bikeway (潭雅神綠園道) is a 14km bikeway that goes along the old Shengang military branch line of Taiwan Railways in Taichung. It stretches from near Tanzi station, […] More