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  • Houtong Cat Village


    Houtong Cat Village

    Former mining village now famous for its cat population

    Houtong Cat Village (猴硐貓村) is a popular tourist spot in on the Pingxi Line in New Taipei, housing over 100 feline friends. The village is adorned with cat sculptures, galleries […] More

  • Luzhou Lee Family Historic Estate


    The Luzhou Lee Family Historic Estate

    Quiet Chinese family estate near to Taipei

    The Luzhou Lee Family Historic Estate (蘆洲李宅古蹟) is a historic house and estate dating back to the Qing dynasty. Located a little northwest of Taipei in New Taipei City, it’s […] More

  • Kaohsiung Confucius Temple


    Kaohsiung Confucius Temple

    Grand temple complex on the edge of Kaohsiung’s Lotus Pond

    Kaohsiung Confucius Temple (高雄左營孔子廟) is Taiwan’s biggest temple dedicated to Confucius, considered to be the most influential sage in the whole of Chinese history. Located on the north side of […] More

  • Huashan 1914 Creative Park


    Huashan 1914 Creative Park

    Fashionable shopping and entertainment spot

    The Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914文化創意産業園区) is the hippest spot to hang out in Taipei. Located at and using the old buildings of the former Taihoku Winery, it’s host to […] More

  • Baguashan in Taichung


    Take a hike up the the big Buddha looking over Taichung

    Baguashan (八卦山) is a 26-meter tall Buddha and Buddhist complex atop a hillside park, offering stunning views over the cities of Chunghua and Taichung. As well as climbing up the […] More

  • Miaoli Hakka Round House

    Miaoli Hakka Round House

    Discover how the Hakka people live

    The Miaoli Hakka Round House (苗栗客家圓樓) is a grand recreation of a ‘Hakka Talou’, an old Chinese rural dwelling that used to exist among the Hakka people in Fujian. It […] More

  • Chihkan Tower Tainan


    Chihkan Tower

    Famous complex with various uses over its long history

    The Chihkan Tower (赤崁樓), previously known as Fort Provintia, is a former Dutch outpost in the city of Tainan. First built in 1652, it has since gone through various revisions […] More

  • Walking around Taichung Cultural Heritage Park


    Taichung Cultural Heritage Park

    Taichung’s modern art and culture complex

    The Taichung Cultural Heritage Park (臺中文化創意產業園區) is located on a site once containing the largest brewery in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era. It continued as a brewery for Taiwan’s […] More

  • Lotus Pond Dragon Kaohsiung


    Lotus Pond

    Kaohsiung’s most iconic tourist destination

    The Lotus Pond (蓮池潭) is a grand scenic lake in Kaohsiung. Surrounded by an abundance of temples and culturally significant buildings, it’s a beautiful spot to visit any time of […] More