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Take a hike up the the big Buddha looking over Taichung

Baguashan Hall

Baguashan (八卦山) is a 26-meter tall Buddha and Buddhist complex atop a hillside park, offering stunning views over the cities of Chunghua and Taichung. As well as climbing up the inside of the Buddha for the views, there is also a grand platform extending out from the hillside park. Around this park are the odd stalls selling local foods, as well as a few cafes to chill out in and grab a drink. All in all, it’s a pleasant tourist spot, and one generally quieter than the famous attractions in Taichung.


How to get there

From central Taichung, take a local train southbound from Taichung Station to Changhua Station (14 minutes, NT$40). From the east exit of Changhua Station, Baguashan can be reached via various means. YouBike rental stations are located just outside the station as well as a nearby Baguashan, so with the reasonable signage and Google Maps it’s an interesting bike ride through the city (15 mins, NT$5). It can also easily be done on foot (around 25-30 minutes). Alternatively, you can also take local buses, such as the route 6911 (towards Liugu Rd), and get off at the County Council stop (30 minutes, NT$27), but it’s generally easier, quicker and cheaper to walk or take a bicycle.

If coming from the Taiwan High Speed Train, you can either transfer to Xinwuri Station and take a local train to Changhua Station (10 minutes, NT$15) and follow the directions above, or take the Lukang Route Shuttle Bus 6936 (Low) to the Cultural Affairs Bureau (Mt. Bagua Great Buddha Scenic Area) bus stop (33 minutes, NT$30).

Once you are at the bottom of the hill, it’s a well signposted and easy walk up (around 10 minutes). Walking up is half the fun, so take your time as you make your way up.

Hours and fees

Hours: 24 hours

Admission: Free

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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