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Anping Old Street

The first street built by the Dutch in Tainan

Anping Old Street

Anping Old Street (安平老街), also known as Anping Historic Street or Yanping Street, is a traditional market with a history of over than 300 years. It was in fact the first street in Taiwan to be given an official name and still continues to be an interesting place to go shopping in Tainan, or to take a stroll.

While not as big as some other markets, the real charm of Anping Old Street is the old buildings. The maze of narrow streets and alleyways were originally built just for pedestrians and push carts, and it’s a real adventure to randomly explore, checking out the restored and ancient buildings, as well as the odd temple or two. It feels very much like you have time traveled back into the Dutch colonial era.

Anping Old Street building
An example of the old fashioned buildings you’ll come across as your explore the area

Once you make your way back to the shopping area, you’ll be greeted with a decent selection of snacks and souvenirs for sale, with local favorites being peanut candy, coffee bread and Taiwanese crackers. You’ll also be able to indulge in classic Taiwanese markets treats such as castella cake and bubble tea.

How to get there

Some of the market activities start just outside the entrance of Anping Old Fort, but the main area of Anping Old Street is located on the south-eastern corner of the fort. You’ll see the main line of shops and stalls as you walk a little to the south from here, and you’ll also come across the narrow streets to explore as you make your way to these. When you’re ready to head back to Tainan station, take city bus number 2 from the Fort Zeelandia bus stop (30-40 minutes, NT$18).

Hours and fees

Hours: 24h access (shops and stalls open various times)

Admission: Free

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