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Anping Old Fort (Fort Zeelandia)

Former Dutch fort, with much more to discover

Fort Zeelandia (Anping Old Fort)

Anping Old Fort (安平古堡) is one of Tainan’s main tourist spots. Originally a Dutch fort, it was first built to defend their military and commercial interests after capturing the area in 1624. Originally Fort Zeelandia (熱蘭遮城), its name was changed to Anping Old Fort when it was taken back by local forces in 1662. It then became a seat of government.

Since then it has gone through many stages. For example, during the Qing Dynasty soldiers removed materials to use elsewhere before abandoning the site, then in the Japanese colonial times the fort was rebuilt. These various stages have helped to create a historical site that is full of surprises. It’s definitely worth popping into the museum, which illustrates this with some well made videos, maps and pictures.

Fort Zeelandia Anping Old Fort cannon
Some of the interesting military items you’ll see as you walk around the fort

While much of the Dutch period is gone, you can still see some of its brick wall near the front gate, and there are lots of authentic recreations and real objects from the era to investigate, such as cannons and weaponry. It’s also possible to head up an observations tower for a view over the city.

How to get there

From Tainan station, take city bus number 2 to Fort Zeelandia bus stop (30-40 minutes, NT$18). The sightseeing bus also has a stop right outside the fort.

Hours and fees

Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Admission: NT$50. If going to other attractions in Tainan, it’s cheaper to get yourself a Tainan Historic Sites Pass.

Written by Matthew Baxter

After writing a few books about Japan and New Zealand, I've decided to explore Taiwan and put my expertise into writing about this beautiful place. I love to travel around Taiwan!

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